“There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky,

And you ask, what if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

— Erin Hanson

Hi there,

I wish you open your wings and fly bravely, too.

Fly, where to? I know no one knows the answer for sure, and I do not pretend to have the answer for you. But I believe, in quietening down and journeying within, in developing and trusting your inner knowledge, in immersing in deep restorative rest, you will emerge with more clarity and authenticity. You will fly. Maybe towards the same destination as it always had been, or maybe towards a new destination. And when the destination and circumstances change (because they WILL change), you will continue to fly, bravely.

I am a pioneer certified nature and forest therapy guide, as well as a yoga nidra facilitator based in Singapore. I spent six years teaching and another four years working in policy and public work. Throughout, I met many - youths and adults, corporate and executives, parents and children, who were just ly-ving: busy-ly and tired-ly. Over the years, I have encountered many in the society who are suffering from a time- and speed-sickness. Do more, do better, do faster! In the frantic rush, they frequently do not know what or who they are rushing for anymore. Just do it, they say. There are no other ways, they say.

What if, the very first step to the other ways, is simply to rest - deep rest? To treat your body, mind and heart to that space of no-thing, where they can fully restore and recharge.

To rest, is to be in a space where the mind is non-active. To rest, is to not do-ing: not read-ing, not -gym-ing, not watch-ing TV, not scroll-ing the screens etc.

In reteaching rest, holding rest experiences and spaces, I empower individuals, groups and companies to rise rest-fully and bravely. I support you to fly into your sky.

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Youmin is a nature and forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs, USA), yoga nidra facilitator (Daring to Rest Academy), mentor, visiting practitioner, and Founder of Xiu Nature Connections, a nature-led health and wellbeing service and consultancy. Xiu Nature Connections started in 2018 with the objective to re-connect people to nature, provide wellness services through mindful interactions with nature and our natural selves, and to support conservation efforts by re-acquainting relationships between people and nature. Xiu Nature Connections has worked and collaborated with both public and private sectors, including National Parks Board, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Diageo Supply.

Youmin graduated with a Masters in Life Sciences by research from the National University of Singapore, with a focus on plant physiology. She later taught for six years across the spectrum of Singapore’s education system. Placed into the Leadership and Management Programme, Youmin was appointed as Year Head where she managed level-wide holistic and development programmes, staff and student performance. She later joined a statutory board, engaging with executives, professionals and companies on public policies and programmes. Throughout her career, her interpersonal qualities put her in good stead to connect with others, forge authentic relationships and lead teams.

As a pioneer certified nature and forest therapy guide, as well as a yoga nidra facilitator in Singapore and across the Southeast Asia, Youmin is a change maker for embracing restorative rest amidst living in the frantic world. She supports the development of well-rested leaders in communities, organisations and businesses, who then rise up to lead authentically and sustainably. Beyond Singapore, Youmin also works with individuals overseas as a visiting practitioner and by conducting overseas workshops or retreats, including at Panpuri Wellness Centre (Bangkok) and Museflower Retreat and Spa (Chiang Rai).

In 2019, Youmin was awarded a grant from A Good Space and The Company of Good to kickstart a project of rest for women in Singapore. This social project brings together women across divides to offer them rest and respite. Empowering women to rest, and then rise and shine from within, and leading in their various capacities and roles.


Conference speaking and publications

International Forest Therapy Days | Finland, Helsinki, 2018

Therapeutic Horticulture Seminar | CUGE, National Parks Board, Singapore, 2018

International Forest Therapy Conference | USA, California, 2019

“Urban Forest Therapy in Singapore”. Citygreen Issue 16: 6 - 9. Centre of Urban Greenery and Ecology, a division of National Parks Board, Singapore.



Youmin volunteers with National Parks Board by hosting nature therapy sessions for elderly living with dementia. She also supports the research on therapeutic horticulture as a guide.


Media and features

Nature connections and rest stories

IG: yap.youmin