Project: Daring to Rest W.O.S.

Women of Singapore,

Rest, Rise and Shine.

This is a social project aiming to support women across organisations and social divides to thrive together.

Together, we will empower women in Singapore to become well-rested leaders. Leaders in their own capacities - whether at home, in the community or at work. Leaders who thrive, and who help other to thrive, in the well-rested versions of themselves. Leaders who Rest, Rise and Shine.

Details of the project are being finalised. In the mean time, there is an on-going call for support and sponsorship from individuals, companies and organisations, who want to DO GOOD! These include, and are not limited to:

  • support the rest movement by initiating an internal rest and wellbeing programme / rest month / rest week etc.

  • participate in the project as participants (open to employers, employees, family and dependents, clients and partners etc.)

  • participate as volunteers in various functions, including marketing and publicity, admin and logistics etc.

  • sponsor venue / space, procurement from local social enterprises, etc.


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*This project is one of the shortlisted winning projects during A Good Pitch 2019! Supported by A Good Space and The Company of Good.